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About us

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A Patented System and Method

To provide a trading system and method to bring clarity and confidence to traders and investors. To change the mindset from the old to the new with our Predictive Solution.

A Predictive Solution

The Invention is a computerized system for alerting a change in direction of the price of a tradable financial instrument, at a critical point in time prior to the actual time at which the change occurs, the computerized system comprising of buy points, sell points and a transition point.


The Invention relates to a system and method of utilizing a computer to track and predict the price performance of a tradable instrument, such as stocks, bonds, commodities, Forex, mutual fund, ETF’s and the like, and assisting the user in making decisions regarding the buying and selling of that instrument. You now have the ability to place trades automated or manual with the ability to predict price performance of a financial instrument with the consensus belief with around the clock capability. The system is designed with an objective to Trade with the Predominant Force, control emotions, protect profits control loses, minimize risk and based with a probable positive expectancy.

Trading Insight

This system is designed to give you a visual, directional color-coded systematic way of viewing the markets. A Trading System that provides entry points, exit points, trend direction and can be traded automated or manual with the trend or swing trading.


Analysts, traders, and even individual investors consistently look for ways to maximize their profits. Opportunity is now here.


What does the name Trading Key System and Method represent? Trading is defined by the act or process of buying or selling. Key is defined as something specifically designs to fit, move or unlock such as mystery or something of the unknown. System represents a set of detailed methods, procedures and routines created to carry out a specific plan of action. Method is a means or manner of procedures, especially a regular and systematic way of accomplishing something. It’s an orderly arrangement of parts or steps to accomplish an end. It’s the procedure and techniques characteristic of a particular discipline or field of knowledge.


Do you have a burning desire to accomplish success? The Trading Key System is designed with an objective to assist you in your journey.  It’s about a predictive solution designed to assist the user when making financial decisions in an unbiased way that no other system can offer. It’s a way of placing odds in your favor in a statistic way to assist you to make a more informed decision.


If you’re going to make a living investing or trading in the market you need a strong belief in finding the edge for expectancy based with reliability. Your expectancy must consist of finding opportunities with a predefined plan of action with a System and Method of mastering the Art of the trade. The art of the trade is a skill which is learning how to accept risk manage loses and control profits. Your plan must be designed with certainty of action, simplicity and a strong belief.


Your belief in winning must be greater than the fear of losing. It’s always easy for someone to tell you what you need to do or how you should think if you want to become a trader. The real trick is to change the mindset. That’s why we designed a system in two parts like a captain that runs a ship and knows how to chart his course. You may not be able to direct the wind but you can adjust the sail. This trading system will help you to become more discipline and how to replace self-doubt with self-confidence and how to find balance between fear and greed so you won’t be disappointed when expectations are not met. When a trader can accept the risk they will be eliminating the fear. Trading is risky and no one knows with certainty how the next bar will open. The only thing we can do is predict price direction based on a set of mathematical statistical odds. These odds are based on a Probable Positive Expectancy with the Trading Key System. Happiness in trading is progress that you can take responsibility for. Focus on the journey not the destination.


Holy Grail and the Holy Truth

Let’s look a little deeper into trading with success. U is in the word SUCCESS. The Trading Key System is designed in two parts. The most important part has a U in it. That U is the trader. You might call the U the Holy Grail and call the system the Holy Truth. The Trading Key System breaks down the Holy Truth that is the market truth that consists of all market participants. The market participants make up the consensus belief of stronger buyers or stronger sellers. The market participants takes into account all emotions or beliefs put forth to make the balance or imbalance of price, based on positive and negative expectancy and the belief that anything can happen.


The missing piece’s to the puzzle people have is the lack of understanding of themselves and the uncertainty of trend direction. That missing piece of the puzzle is found only by a few because it is the least place expected and the last place they think to look. When the Holy Grail and the Holy Truth come together it’s like finding your dance partner.


What makes this system and method of trading so unique is that it’s designed around you. Most people think they know themselves until they decide to begin trading. Most traders make things far more complicated than necessary. Trading is really easy; it’s the thinking that’s hard to overcome.


You must learn to survive to win. If you do not learn how not to lose, you will never win. The people looking at these price bars form a perception. This perception can be a positive expectancy or a negative expectancy from this price bar. This is where a trader sees their edge and begins to form a belief rather to be a buyer or a seller.


If trading consists with a buyer and seller then we must understand we have two different beliefs. The beliefs of these two traders are based on expectancy. The expectancy is based on price points. These price points represent value. Value is based on price going up or price going down. The trading key system is designed with an objective. The objective is a set of price points or a set of lines on a chart. These lines are fixed and will change only when the intensity of buying pressure or selling pressure can establish a new value. The price points are based on value and who controls price above a buy point for buyers and below a sell point for sellers. These price points are based on the consensus belief of all market players that make up the greatest open interest in the market with a higher volume of players.


When we see price going up this shows that the Predominant Force has the conviction to move price to a higher low and a higher high. Volume can be used to confirm price movement. The Trading Key System combines the market participants into levels of buying power or selling power that represents this predominant force.


The system teaches you how these players are divided up into buyers and sellers. The volume of the strongest force of market participants are the one’s controlling price, this is also how they perceive the future. When you learn how this balance of power can be categorized with the Trading Key System, based on the belief that price moves in the direction of greater forces or against the least resistance and the behavior of the markets is an expression of these different beliefs. You will begin to understand that the Predominant Force is a way of placing the odds in your favor. We are predicting the belief of the predominant force that makes up the consensus belief of market participants into a mathematical formula that is based on probabilities for placing odds in favor of the Investor or Trader. Trading Key System is designed to break down the beliefs of market participants to give you a clear understanding which side of the line you are on. It’s designed to control your emotions, protect your profits and minimize your risk.


The system is designed to show the strongest trend of the consensus belief of market participants in the market and when the trend weakens it will identify the intermediate trend. The System is designed with a combination of entries and exits. These entries are based on a conditional buy points and conditional sell points and can be traded automated or manual. All conditions are based on a probability and will not trigger until the conditions are met. When the conditions are met a box will appear around the price bars in the time period being traded. The system is designed for the risk level of all traders and can be traded in a Monthly time period, Weekly time period, Daily time period or a combination of intraday time periods and can be traded with conditions included from a higher time period that includes the Daily, weekly or monthly buy and sell points combined. The intraday time periods have their own set of buy points and sell points. A trader must learn to manage risk in today’s volatile market. This system also includes a combination of exit points from a combination of time periods. The conditional entries and exits will be triggered once the condition is met and not at the close of market. The system offers a color coded Quote Board and a Filter Scanner designed to give you more free time away from the computer. When you start believing in yourself and the Trading Key System you will find a vision where seeing success now awaits you. We don’t want to teach you to become a follower but a trader with an open mind that is open to everything and attached to nothing.


Traders have long searched for the Holy Grail. That search has been for that special secret somewhat in the form of a belief of a magic secret that would bring then extraordinary success. We believe there is such a magic secret and that secret is you. That secret is when you find peace of mind trading with clarity, strong belief and a carefree discipline mindset with a positive attitude success will be at your door step. The world is filled with opportunities, only your imagination can hold you back.


-What you think, you become.



Trading Key System

Cervo's System and Method for Decisions in Trading Financial Instruments in an unbiased way

Scott Cervo


Trading Key System



Trading in stocks, futures, securities, options or other derivatives, entails significant risks which must be understood prior to trading and may not be appropriate for all investors. Past performance of actual trades or strategies cited herein is not necessarily indicative of future performance. Investing involves substantial risk and may not be suitable for the risk tolerance of all investors. All trading decisions are the responsibility of the trader.  Past performance is not a guarantee of future results.  Results are based on simulated or hypothetical performance and have certain limitations.  The results shown in a performance report do not represent actual trading, because these trades have not actually been executed. The results may be over- or under compensated for the impact, if any, of certain market factors. Simulated trading programs in general are also subject to the fact that they are designed with the benefit of hindsight. No representation is being made that any account will or is likely to achieve profits or losses similar to these being shown. Due to the uncertainty of market conditions  there is a substantial risk of loss in trading.

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